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A Friends fan has figured out exactly how much money Joey owes Chandler

Real busy, aren’t you.

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IT’S ONE OF those constantly nagging Friends questions. How does Monica afford that apartment? How does JOEY afford that apartment? Joey seems to constantly borrow from Chandler, to the point you may wonder if Chandler is fully supporting the struggling actor through some seasons.

Redditor lincoln9659 to the rescue, asking the question we were all too afraid to ask in the They Did the Math subreddit.

Head shots, bills, acting lessons, rent, FOOD… ASmileThatKills crunched the numbers.

Joey is known to be a huge eater, and add that to the fact that the group goes out to eat constantly; while watching the show you see that not only does chandler cover him every time they get coffee/dinner, he also gives joey money for him to go on all of the dates he constantly goes on; as well as chandler buys all the groceries (Which would be a lot). I can only guess the amounts but lets say $100 a week on groceries+$100 a week on pizza/takeout/coffee+ $50 a week for Joey’s dates, every week for 3 years (which i’ll say counts as 1997 value). So $39,000.
In total, if he calculated everything, it would be around $90,760. Chandler basically funded the living expenses of a full grown man for 3 years in one of the most expensive parts of Manhattan, so it was pretty costly to him.

But don’t forget replacing ALL the furniture Joey had stolen from the apartment, and his hernia surgery when he ran out of health insurance.

The first total would be $108,760. So after the furniture replacement that would be $114,260, and after the surgery would be $119,760.

That’s €105,196 round these parts, easily won back in one round of cups.


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