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is this real life?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt recreated David After Dentist and it was wonderful


Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

US TV HOST and comedian Jimmy Kimmel has been spending his last few shows recreating viral YouTube videos with Hollywood stars. (You remember Keyboard Cat with Gary Oldman, right?)

He asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt to do David After Dentist.

Incredibly, JGL memorised the script -and managed to match the timing of the original video perfectly, without watching along. Kimmel writes:

Most actors would have shown up, buzzed through the lines and be done with it. But Joseph memorised the entire David After Dentist video – for no reason [...] This was shot without any assistance from cue cards, he wasn’t watching along with the video to get the timing right, and somehow he managed to duplicate the video of this kid coming home from the dentist perfectly.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you rule.

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