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# Jimmy Kimmel

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# sofa watch
Sofa Watch: Irish Olympic hopefuls join Ryan as the Late Late wraps up for the summer
All you need to know about your Irish and international chat show options.
# Menopause matters
PSA: Jimmy Kimmel told Viola Davis he didn't know what the menopause was
‘This is going to sound like a very stupid question.’
# jvn
Please let 11 year-old Jonathan Van Ness's interpretive dance routine bring some joy to your life
Quite literally going for gold.
# the makeup chair
This Cork YouTuber gave viewers an honest look into life with chronic illness and should be commended for it
Sinead described her life as a “balancing act”.
# Case of the Ex
Sarah Silverman told Jimmy Kimmel she can't imagine him as a 'sexual being'
‘She gets, like, new ‘woke’ Jimmy… I had ‘Man Show’ Jimmy!’
# Kanye West
Kanye West finally came up with an answer for Jimmy Kimmel's question about Trump that left him speechless
It seems that he still does not know what he’s talking about.
# kanye your enthusiasm
Kanye West was left speechless after Jimmy Kimmel asked about his support for Trump
Kanye talks the talk, but can’t answer simple questions.
# Trump Support
Twitter reacts to Kim Kardashian having 'nothing bad to say' about Donald Trump
Twitter is divided on her response.
# Jimmy Kimmel
Drew Barrymore accidentally shared a story about spray-painting her ex-boyfriend's car
After all these years, he’s finally about to find out who destroyed his car.
# who knows gwen stefani
Gwen Stefani took on a super fan in a quiz about herself and lost
How’s your Thursday going?
# Ass Clown
Jimmy Kimmel has been called an 'ass clown' by a fellow broadcaster, and he's not having it
‘I’m an ass clown?’
# jenna fischer
Because of a wardrobe malfunction, Jenna Fischer from The Office wore a towel on Jimmy Kimmel Live
It could happen to the best of us.
# blast from the past
Katy Perry was reunited with an old school friend on TV, and then forgot her name
Nope, that’s not it.
# pranked
Jimmy Kimmel and a bunch of A listers crashed a nearby movie screening during the Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel loves his pranks.
# Saoirse Ronan
Saoirse Ronan told Jimmy Kimmel about her mam's embarrassing moment with George Clooney at the Oscars
Saoirse’s mam came up to her and said “You’ll never believe what George Clooney just did to me.”
# Jimmy Kimmel
A tearful Jimmy Kimmel opened his show with a heartfelt plea for stricter gun control in the US
He struggled to maintain his composure.
# wee bag
Jamie Dornan had to explain what 'wee' means in Northern Ireland to Jimmy Kimmel
‘Wee’ as in ‘small’. Not as in ‘urine’.
# stormy daniels
Porn star who allegedly had affair with Trump to talk to Kimmel - straight after State of the Union
Trump is set to deliver his first State of the Union address as US President tonight.
# Niall Horan
Niall Horan told Jimmy Fallon about an Irish night out he had with Ed Sheeran while on tour
Like all good friends, Niall and Ed Sheeran share their clothes.
# mon the town
Margot Robbie knocked back some Harp with Chris Pratt on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night
Margot Robbie and the way she might look at you.
# irish bros
Ryan Seacrest told Niall Horan he's a third Irish and a lot of cringing ensued
Everyone wants a piece of our Niall.
# sending love
Jimmy Kimmel delivered an emotional monologue on the Las Vegas shooting
“Here we are again in the aftermath of another terrible, inexplicable, shocking and painful tragedy”.
# hardest hit
Bono eloquently expressed his major problem with Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel last night
And it’s winning lots of praise.
# us talkshow host
'It's a very terrifying thing': Jimmy Kimmel opens up about newborn son's heart surgery
“Even that Matt Damon sent flowers,” Kimmel said during a monologue on access to healthcare.
Trump thinks that Oscars gaffe happened because they were 'too focused' on slagging him
“It didn’t feel like a very glamorous evening. I’ve been to the Oscars,” he told Breitbart.
# surprise ending
"The weirdest TV ending since Lost": Jimmy Kimmel's take on his very strange Oscars
“Whatever confusion there was about who won – Matt Damon lost.”
# making a point
'Hey Trump, are you up?' There was a political edge to the Oscars last night
Irish actress Ruth Negga was one of the people to make a political statement on a controversial Oscars night.
# can't cope won't cope
Ruth Negga told Jimmy Kimmel that she 'can't cope' with Donald Trump last night
Same, Ruth. Same.
# third degree burn
Barack Obama got a dig in at Donald Trump while reading mean tweets about himself last night
Would you like Savlon for that burn?
# Jimmy Kimmel
Diaz discreetly pranks McGregor fans while they make their rematch predictions
The Californian was listening nearby as MMA fans declared that “Conor’s gonna whoop him” at UFC 202.
# not a fan
The Weeknd cancels Jimmy Kimmel appearance over Donald Trump
He was due to perform on the show with rapper Belly.
# good will hunting
Take a break and watch Ben Affleck smuggle Matt Damon onto a chat show
Jimmy Kimmel was not in the mood to end his feud with Damon.
# cracked up
Watch this Jimmy Kimmel audience's reaction to a movie clip that was too graphic for TV
The scene caused laughter, screams, even some tears from the audience.
# i'll never let go
Kate Winslet has finally accepted responsibility for Jack's death in Titanic
# Prime Time
Conor McGregor sparkled on Jimmy Kimmel last night
And we’re not just talking about that suit.
# best of both worlds
Miley Cyrus went undercover to ask strangers what they think of Miley Cyrus
She’s ruining the fabric of society, yo.
# Cannot be serious
56-year-old McEnroe reckons he could still beat the world's best female player
“Serena’s got a lot to lose by losing to an old fart like myself.”
# Live TV
Someone tried to smell Colin Farrell on Jimmy Kimmel last night and it was so awkward
He probably smells great, but still.
# eggs in the morning
Kids gave their dads their Father's Day brekkie in the shower, and it was hilarious
Just what you need to start your day!
# sh*t kids say
Jimmy Kimmel asked kids which parent they love more and they had no bother picking
What’s wrong with dad :(