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The trailer for the Jumanji reboot starring The Rock is out... here's everything you need to know

This time around, Jumanji is a video game.

PastedImage-52394 Source: Youtube

TODAY ON TWITTER Dwayne Johnson shared the first trailer for the reboot of Jumani, which will be coming to cinemas this December.

The reboot of the 1995 classic strays a bit from the original this time, because obviously children in 2017 have no idea what a board game is and wouldn’t dare to unbox one.

PastedImage-59727 Source: Youtube

Instead, in 2017 Jumanji, a couple of teenagers tidying up in detention find a retro video game and decide to plug it in to procrastinate.

PastedImage-19987 Source: Youtube

This time around, the kids get stuck in the bodies of four avatars that they chose to play as. This leads to the geekiest of the gang (played by Alex Wolff – the baby brother from The Naked Brothers Band) getting the body of Dwayne Johnson and the pretty, popular girl ending up in the body of Jack Black.

Jumanji CR: Sony Pictures Entertainment Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

It’s looks like some kind of crossover between Freaky Friday, The Breakfast Club, Jumanji and Tron.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

The most unrealistic thing about this movie is not the fact that the characters get sucked into a video game and brought to a jungle by magic, but rather the fact that not one of these four teens had heard of the original Jumanji.

PastedImage-38930 Source: Youtube

If they had, nobody would have played the game without taking their phone out to Google what year the game came out in to get an estimate of its current value.

If no results came up for the game, they most definitely would have known not to proceed from witnessing the experience that Robin Williams’ character Alan Parrish had when he first got stuck there in 1969. But no. They just decided to play a video game that was, for some reason, in the basement of their school.

PastedImage-84914 Source: Youtube

It pokes a bit of fun at the outfits that video games typically include (particularly for women).

The quiet geeky female character is freaked out by the fact that she’s wearing half of a shirt and short-shorts in the jungle. She’s dead right to wonder, because that’ll do her no good once the insects start biting her.

It also features Nick Jonas as a hero in a helicopter who swoops down to rescue the gang at one point, suggesting that he may be in a similar position to Robin Williams in the original Jumanji.

Jumanji will be in cinemas just in time for Christmas this year. No word as to whether or not they’ll make a video game version of it yet though.


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