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People are using Justin Bieber's arse to prove a point about sexism on Instagram

Justin’s ass has received over two million likes.

JUSTIN BIEBER POSTED a photo of himself on holiday to Instagram on Monday.

The photo stands at two million likes since it was posted yesterday, mainly, we can assume, because it shows his bare arse.

Source: justinbieber/Instagram

Beliebers couldn’t handle it, and excitedly shared the photo. But others were sharing it for a different reason.

To highlight Instagram’s double standards

Compare comments left on Bieber’s post

tumblr_nr4e2dbCks1uq4vfjo4_1280 Source: moanhowell

To those left on Demi Lovatos

tumblr_nr4e2dbCks1uq4vfjo2_1280 Source: Tumblr

Again, The Biebs


Kim Kardashian’s

CJUfdAKVEAEQXn7 Source: Twimg

Nicki Minaj, the list goes on

Many didn’t agree with the observation

But on the other hand, many thought it just highlighted the double standards between men and women getting their bits out

Instagram have been subject of the Free the Nipple campaign after deeming the topless women as inappropriate content. Rihanna once deleted her profile after having photos removed, and model Chrissy Teigen recently stood up to the website after they continuously deleted revealing modelling shots.

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