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Somebody is actually selling 'air' from a Kanye gig and the bids are skyrocketing

Wait, is somebody going to pay over $10,000 for a bag of air? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

WE MIGHT HAVE just hit peak Kanye.

Over on eBay, somebody is legitimately selling a bag of air from Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour – and the bids are already over $11,000.

Here is the bag in question:

kanyeair Source: ebay

The time left on the auction is just over four days – and the bid stands right now at $11,214. The seller is based in Philadelphia, USA but there are no details of which Kanye show the prized oxygen was derived from.

The description of the item concisely sums the product up as:

Held bag open and sealed air in

What a pro.

giphy Source: Giphy

Of course, the very concept of somebody selling precious Kanye air is too comical for many to contemplate

It’s way above this now, friend

We all have this plan next time he’s in Ireland

It looks like there are multiple bidders, but we’re really hoping this deal falls through. Not just to protect the poor person who ends up paying but to discourage this air-profiting activity for future generations.

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