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Someone on Morning Ireland said there was no Santa and Irish parents freaked out

Won’t somebody think of the children?

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EVERY KID KNOWS that Santa Claus is real.

It’s just an indisputable fact.

It’s also a fact that Karl Whelan, Professor of Economics at UCD, seemed to forget while discussing the Greek debt crisis on Morning Ireland.

Whelan was discussing the need for Europe to share the blame and economic consequences stemming from the Greek debt crisis when he said this…

Right now there’s a very narrow focus on the consequences, in one sense, which is that European governments have loaned money to Greece and they want it all back. But that’s great, right, if that can happen. But that’s not going to happen. That’s the same thing as, you know, wishing there was a Santa Claus.

Em, what are you talking about, Karl?

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You don’t need to “wish” for a Santa Claus, because there is a Santa Claus.

Needless to say, it caused panic all over Ireland.

Fortunately, Karl realised his grievous error and clarified that Santa does in fact exist.

*breathes easy*

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