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Here's how to track Santa's trip around the world tonight
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'He's exempt. He's coming': Government confirms no restrictions for Santa travelling to Ireland this Christmas
Sinn Féin’s John Brady posed the question to Minister Simon Coveney as it is “playing on the minds” of children across the country.
Scientists discover that a bone fragment from 343AD 'could belong to Santa'
“It is exciting to think that these relics could in fact be genuine.”
FactCheck: Can Santa really deliver all the world's presents in one night?
Before you leave out your carrots and mince pies, check out the evidence.
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A new report in The Lancet claims that parents can be guilty of ignoring “the harshness of real life”.
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The Denny 'He's a wery dud Santy' ad is the loveliest Christmas ad of them all
This Dublin bus driver delighted his passengers today by dressing up as Santa
Drivin’ home for Christmas…
Red nose? Green light: TDs clear Santa to enter Irish airspace
Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael can agree on one thing, at least.
Santa Claus paid a visit to President Higgins at the Áras
President Higgins and his wife Sabina welcomed hundreds of families to the Áras on Saturday for the official switching on of the Christmas lights.
'Santy' is the correct name for Santa Claus and we should all just agree this Christmas
We can all get along.
The Dublin Airport Santa has taken up his position in Terminal 2 and people are excited
The most photographed person in the airport by a mile.
Everybody reckons the M&S Christmas ad (featuring a very glam Mrs Claus) beats John Lewis'
A side to Santa’s missus that we certainly haven’t seen before.
The world's largest Christmas stocking is truly, ridiculously massive
Yes, but have you started your shopping yet?
What it's like to live in Santa Claus, Indiana - the world's most Christmassy town
We spoke to some residents of the town where it’s 25 December every day of the year.
It's almost time - Santa Claus cleared to fly in Irish airspace
The big man has confirmed all of the boys and girls in Ireland are on his nice list this year.
VIDEO: Santa Claus has a Christmas message for our readers
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WATCH: Santa visits the children of Dublin in 1948
Best day ever.
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Meeting Santa can be a terrifying experience for children, but this time, an even bigger nightmare was avoided.
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A terrible year, a miserable day, and a Christmas legend in the City of Brotherly Love.
'Santa's out there … You may never see him, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist' recently sat down with the world’s most in demand person – well, one of them anyway.
This little girl wrote a hilarious note after her parents told her the truth about Santa
“You have no idea what you just did.”
Irish people, what do you call Santa Claus -- Santa or Santy?
Help settle the debate.
Santa pees on ISIS in American Christmas lights display
In happened in Limerick. Not that Limerick.
15 children who are scared sh*tless of Santa
It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeearrrr!
Santa uses sign language to make sure he gets this toddler's wish list
Take a break and watch the moment here.
Norwegian newspaper apologises after announcing Santa's death
The paper posted an obituary on its website claiming Mr Claus passed away, aged 227.
This Santa went above and beyond to hear a Christmas wish from a little boy with autism
Santa is the best.
Santa wants to remind all the Irish boys and girls to get their letters in early
Santa said all the elves are working really hard to get the gifts ready for Christmas Eve.
Santa Claus has filed for bankruptcy
We have 126 days.
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Won’t somebody think of the children?
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Open Thread: What was the best Christmas present you ever got?
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It's not all turkey and Santa... Try some other Christmas traditions from around the world
For starters, there’s the ‘s**ting log’ and a finger-lickin’ bucket of cheer.