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Katy Perry did not enjoy Britney Spears' Las Vegas show... it's the Dredge

Miley, however, had the time of her life. That and all the rest of the day’s celebrity filth.

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Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency kicked off over the weekend, and Miley Cyrus was there to take it all in.  Boy did she have a good time. (Daily Mail)

She was in the very front row giving it socks for the duration by all accounts, and if ‘accounts’ aren’t enough for you, here’s the video proof.

Source: TeamOfMiley.com

She even snogged one of Britney’s backing dancers at one stage during the gig.

Source: 247LOLTV

You can’t keep that girl down!  Alas, Katy Perry does not seem to have had such a good time.  As you can see in this video, her stylist Johnny Wujek was giving it socks with friend Selena Gomez, but Katy?  Not so much.

Source: SelenaCrazyLove

Adele is getting a cooking lesson from Nigella!  Apparently she’s mad about the cooking guru and her son’s ‘Godfairies’ got a private lesson for her as a gift. (Daily Star)


Now, you’re probably wondering what ‘Godfairies’ are.  Apparently that’s what Adele calls her group of close male friends who have a special place in Angelo’s life, but as she’s not religious are not godparents.  Geddit?

Anyway, the lads got her a lesson as a gift because she loves cooking Nigella style, and even used her recipe when she was preparing the Christmas turkey this year.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE CACKLES?  What we wouldn’t give to be a fly on that wall.

Justin Bieber’s film has been a flop at the box office.  Oh and that retirement stuff?  That’s not happening either. (Mirror)


According to reported, Believe, which was released on Christmas Day, only took $3.1 million at the box office in its first three days.  Given the fact that his first concert film took ten times that in the same period, things are not looking good.

They’re thought to be the worst opening figures for this kind of concert documentary by a big name pop star in more than a decade.

He’s also been forced to admit that he was joking about that whole retirement thing.  Yes… joking… nothing to do with getting some media hype around the time of your movie release, eh Justin?

And the rest of the day’s celebrity dirt…

  • North West got a miniature Lamborghini for Christmas.  Just what every six-month-old wants. (Heatworld)
  • Julia Roberts once had a director ask her to get rid of her freckles because they ‘looked dirty’. (Daily Mail)
  • Ed Sheeran‘s weird friend posse is growing, Christine Bleakly is the latest joinee. (Daily Mail)
  • Kris Jenner though Khloe Kardashian needed a nose job when she was 9.  Ouch. (Us Weekly)
  • Jessie J wants to be on Geordie Shore (Daily Star)

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