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Keira Knightley had a sex-face-off with Samuel L Jackson on Graham Norton


KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and Samuel L Jackson were on the Graham Norton Show last night.

She was asked about an awkward incident in which she had to demonstrate her bad sex faces to director David Cronenberg, while speaking to him for the first time over Skype.

(The Skype screen froze while she was mid-sex-face.)

Anyway, this prompted Knightley and Jackson to discuss the difference between a bad sex face, and a bad sex face.

They ended up having a bad sex face-off.

Samuel L went first.

Then Keira.

Then Samuel L.

Then Keira.

And finally, the climax.

Whoa. Intense.

Knightley also recalled the time when she was ordered to “w**k off” James McAvoy. Here’s the full video:

BBC / YouTube

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