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#The Graham Norton Show

Last night a Cork man on Graham Norton's red chair told a mortifying story about waxing his foot

Something to keep in mind next time you go to your physiotherapist.

8 reasons why Graham Norton is one of Ireland's greatest exports

No wonder the Brits try to claim him.

How Much Do You Know About Graham Norton?

We all love him… But do we really know him?

Cher told Graham Norton that she ran away from home, stole a horse and went to jail all before the age of 12

We could honestly spend all day listening to Cher tell stories about her life.

Are You More Like Graham Norton Or Ryan Tubridy?

Let’s find out.

Graham Norton grilled Rihanna on some of the most famous memes that have been made about her

From stolen wineglasses to the Met Gala.

Sarah Paulson told Graham Norton about the moment she realised nobody at the Met Gala cared about her

There was actually a pretty good reason.

Graham Norton got extremely flustered while slow-dancing with Channing Tatum and it was pretty gas

We’ve never seen Graham Norton lose his cool like this.

Both of the red chair stories from The Graham Norton Show this week will make you physically cringe

The first story is pretty gross. The second is just embarrassing.

Ethan Hawke told Graham Norton a ridiculous story about a co-star dying onstage at Broadway

At least he can laugh about the situation now.

A fan whose wife was being carried away on a stretcher could not resist asking Ryan Reynolds for a high-five

It’s not every day you share a plane with Deadpool, in fairness.

Graham Norton mixed up Noel and Liam Gallagher on his show last night, and it was gas


Robbie Williams told Graham Norton a hilarious story about hiding Geri Halliwell in the boot of his car

He put her in a duffel bag and carried her over his shoulder to the car.

Robbie Williams made a very quick save when his wife appeared on Graham Norton's red chair

He’s probably going to be sleeping on the couch for a while.

A Northern Irish man's red chair story horrified everyone on Graham Norton's couch

Of all stories you could go on TV and tell… Why this one?

This man's red chair story about his girlfriend's dog coughing up a condom was brilliant on Graham Norton

The worst thing that could possibly happen.

Hillary Clinton told Graham Norton that she didn't want to attend Trump's inauguration

She tried her best to get out of it.

Graham Norton spoke to This Morning about being the last person to interview Carrie Fisher before her death

She almost pulled out of her final interview because she was feeling unwell.

Graham Norton opened his show with a tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack

He said he hoped the show “brings a smile” after the horrific events of earlier this week.

5 times Irish people absolutely owned the Graham Norton Show

Including Graham himself, obv.

A girl turned down a date to watch Graham Norton...and the guy turned up on the show

It couldn’t end well, could it.

Lots of British people just found out Mrs Brown is actually a man

Brendan O’Carroll’s appearance on the Graham Norton Show caused much distress.

Cheryl Cole apparently has three legs, according to this mad photo

What. On. Earth.

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were complete lads on Graham Norton last night

The bromance is strong with these two.

The Fall, Chris O'Dowd and Gogglebox: Is your favourite telly up for a BAFTA?

The nominations for the TV BAFTAs are out, and we’ve got them in here.

Cameron Diaz bizarrely spoke to her own crotch on Graham Norton

The actress went on a bit of a rant about pubic hair.

Twitter was lost without Graham Norton last night

Friday night TV just wasn’t the same.

Was the Graham Norton robot amazing or terrifying?

It followed him around in an uncomfortable way.

Liam Neeson's talking action films... and 4 other weekend telly highlights

We’ve got the telly for you no matter what you’re up to this weekend.

Ireland is divided into 6 types of people tonight

Which one are you?

Sylvester Stallone punched Graham Norton on his show last night

While Robert de Niro watched.

IRISH CHAT SHOW HOST Graham Norton will replace Jonathan Ross on BBC1′s flagship Friday night chat show. Norton had been favourite to get the gig and the announcement ends months of speculation as to who would replace Ross.

The Sun is reporting that Norton will begin his run on October while a source close to him said he was over the moon. Graham’s new show is said to be quite similar to The Graham Norton Show which runs on Monday nights. The deal is part of Norton’s two year, £4m deal with the Beeb.

Ross, who’s signed a deal with ITV to present a chat show likely to go out in Saturday nights after X-Factor filling a role once occupied by Michael Parkinson.The deal is said to be worth £1m to Ross, a big drop from the £6m a year he was said to be on at the BBC.

The final Tonight with Jonathan Ross goes out on BBC on Friday with a line-up which features David Beckham and Hollywood star Jackie Chan.