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All 90s kids absolutely have to read Kel from Kenan and Kel's amazing AMA

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh here it goes.

IF YOU ARE a 90s kid, prepare for a hit of nostalgia.

Actor Kel Mitchell of Nickelodeon’s Kenan and Kel took to Reddit to do an amazing Ask Me Anything session. It all happened so fast.


But it wasn’t over. Not even nearly. Perhaps the most revelatory of answers was that the ‘I, DROPPED THE SCREW, IN THE TUNA’ scene was almost all improvised.

In fact, a lot of his scenes were.

User Dahistorious asked, “Was any of your content on All That or Kenan & Kel improvised? I felt that no one else could have pulled off the “I PUT THE SCREW IN THE TUNA!” scene, you were just perfect and every time I watch it I die of laughter”.

Kel replied:

Hahahahah! Thank you! that’s one of my favorite episodes. Yes. Yes, a LOT was improvised. The writers, of course, the amazing Dan Schneider and Keith & Kevin, they would just let us go, like I think Brian directed the episode, and I remember every episode they would allow us – once we did it how it was written, we could improvise and do it our own way. And all of us would get involved – the producers, the writers, and us – and I remember for that particular episode, every take I did was crazier than the last. And the one they used was the LAST ONE. Where it was like ALL crazy parts, where I fell under the judge, haha, it was fun. They wanted me to take it up a notch, even more. And it was so fun.


Source: icefroster/YouTube

While Mitchell says has a new project with Nickelodeon in the works, there could be a reunion in the future. Kel revealing that he still keeps in touch with Kenan, who now stars on SNL.

I mean, the friendship hasn’t stopped. We haven’t seen each other in a long time, it’s just been awhile. I’m happy for him with SNL and everything, there’s no beef. I just think that everybody saw us together so much, and now that we’re doing our own thing, they want to create some beef, but there’s really not that.

We live in hope.


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