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Teknorat via flickr Mbuvi also drives a Hummer
# Bling
Kenyan MP thrown out of parliament for bringing too much bling
Assembly member ejected from the chamber for wearing ear studs and offending his colleagues by “imitating a woman”.

A KENYAN MP was thrown out of parliament for wearing sunglasses and ear studs, it was reported by the BBC.

Gidion Mbuvi, who also drives a Humvee, says MPs should be allowed to wear whatever accessories they like, so long as they also wear suits.

The 35 year old believes that Kenya has been governed by old men for too long and that it is “time for the youth to be in charge of our nation”.

Mbuvi’s fellow MPs claimed on Tuesday that his attire offended the dignity of the assembly. One said, “In the history of this world since God created man, man has never imitated woman.”

But flamboyant dress is the norm for Mbuvi, who goes by the nickname Sonko, meaning rich or flamboyant person in Swahili.

Mr Mbuvi represents a constituency in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. In the past he has been questioned over his links to the drug trade and he is currently facing charges of fraud.