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Last year
# Apologies
KFC apologises for Kristallnacht chicken promotion in Germany
KFC blamed the blunder on “an error in our system”.
All time
KFC to pause Finger Lickin’ Good slogan due to Covid-19 pandemic
KFC has released new images of its advertising posters with the well-known slogan blurred and pixelated.
# Beyond Meat
KFC is trying out some 'plant-based chicken nuggets'
The US fast-food chain is trialling product.
# KFC Crisis
KFC forced to destroy chicken as delivery fiasco rumbles on
The delivery crisis, which led to the closure of hundreds of KFC outlets, erupted last weekend after the fast food giant switched delivery operator.
# fried
The UK could be without many KFC restaurants all week
People have been calling the police.
# plucking hell
KFC stores across the UK were closed today because of a chicken shortage
The company blamed ‘teething problems’ with a new distributor.
# building and property
KFC's Irish franchise racked up multimillion-euro losses last year
The firm behind the fast-food outlets booked a big charge on its property portfolio.
# financial struggles
An idea for An Post? New Zealand's postal service starts delivering KFC
The number of letters being posted in the country has halved in the last decade.
# spice box
KFC has attempted its own version of the spice bag
In a box. With no spices.
# christmas dinner
BBQs and KFC : Here's what people in 10 different countries eat on Christmas Day
Reindeer meat is a favourite in one country.
# spon
This photo of Edward Snowden feeding his girlfriend KFC confused a lot of people last night
Is… this… sponsored… content?
# o'sanders
KFC has just released a special Irish burger along with cheese & onion fries
The O’Sanders.
# sad meal
This sad KFC meal made people share their own grim fast food photos
Expectations v reality.
# Fast Food
Pink burgers are the latest KFC creation to turn your stomach
STOP with the coloured burgers.
# chizza
KFC's latest mutant is a chicken-pizza hybrid and people are loving it
We’ve taken it too far.
# Take a Break
KFC have made a chicken wing/pizza hybrid
It looks…rank.
# fast food nation
So what's the fast food capital of Ireland then?
A new study has come up with the Irish town with the greatest number of fast food outlets on average.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you care how "natural" fast food is?
Do GMOs matter to you?
# Chinese Whispers
KFC is suing over claims it uses chickens with eight legs and six wings
The company blames three Chinese companies for trying to tarnish its reputation.
# playing chicken
After more than two decades on ice, Colonel Sanders is back
In advertising form. Not the real one.
# taking the biscuit
KFC invents dream edible coffee cup made of sugar and heaven
It’s just in the UK though so far – and it’s called the Scoff-ee Cup.
# double down dog
KFC is now selling a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken
That’s a hot dog with fried chicken instead of a bun, just to be entirely clear.
# Dumped
Heartbroken woman spends whole week in KFC after getting dumped
That’s one way of dealing with it.
# finger lickin'
Europeans are buying lots more KFC, but we're not nearly the biggest customers yet
The company behind the fast-food chain has still taken a profit haircut thanks to the Chinese food scandal.
# guilty conscience
Thief sends money and letter of apology for taking extra piece of chicken in buffet
How could they?
McNuggets in Japan and Starbucks dragged into out-of-date meat scandal
An investigation is currently underway in Japan over the sale of out-of-date meat.
# Not Lovin' It
'Expired' beef and chicken supplied to McDonald's and KFC in China
Both immediately stopped using meat from the supplier once the revelations emerged.
# Victoria's victories
Little girl kicked out of KFC over scars was a hoax, investigators claim
KFC launched a private investigation to look into claims.
# Hot Chick
KFC is selling a fried chicken corsage for your debs date
It’ll come in handy if the food is woeful.
# big in japan
Deep-fried soup is the latest food fad
Yes, that’s right. DEEP-FRIED SOUP.
What's a seven-foot KFC bucket doing in this woman's garden?
It’s a Kentucky Fried home invasion.
# mcwhat?
One Neapolitan milkshake please: How to hack fast food menus
Could I get fries with that?
# Derby Day
Everything you need to know about the 139th Kentucky Derby
The run for the roses takes place this evening and we’ve got the inside track.
# Good News
KFC to create 1,600 jobs across the UK and Ireland
The company plans to open 40 new chicken joints over the next 10 months.
# On a diet?
Sales at Irish branches of KFC fell almost 10pc in 2010
The company which operates 18 KFC franchises on the island of Ireland says sales dipped, as it recorded a €2m loss.
# Australia
KFC ordered to pay €6.5m compensation to girl over food poisoning
Australian girl Monika Samaan has been left mentally and physically impaired after she fell seriously ill from salmonella poisoning in 2005.
# KFC Crisis
KFC blames Fijian quarantine for shortage of signature breadcrumbs
The fast food chain is forced to shut its three Fijian restaurants – because it’s run out of its breadcrumb mixture.
# fave foods
Winging it: KFC crunches McDonalds into second place in fast food race
The chicken chain battered its rival in an international poll of favourite eats – which also showed that pasta was the world’s number one food.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Friday
The world is ending tomorrow (we’re told) so here it is: the last ever wrap-up of the day’s news.
# Finger Lickin' Green
KFC China introduces 'Taste of Ireland' fried chicken
The fast food chain is adding cream liqueur to its batter for a new Irish-themed range – and according to this ad, we’re seriously missing out.