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One Neapolitan milkshake please: How to hack fast food menus

Could I get fries with that?

FAST FOOD AT the worst of times is still pretty great, but there are ways and means to make it even better.

You can go off menu. That’s right. OFF. MENU. Did you think ordering off menu was the preserve of hoity toity restaurants with fancy things like table service and working bathrooms? Well, think again.

You can hack any fast food menu you damn well please, all you need is this secret know-how and a bit of creative flair.

One caveat though: whether or not your request will be fulfilled varies from restaurant to restaurant. However, some of these hacks are self-assembly only, so you’ve still got a chance to go off piste with your fast food.

Neapolitan milkshake

Image: via McDonalds Secret Menu

Neapolitan ice cream in blocks and cut between wafers is a staple of any decent childhood. But wait – just ask for a mixed chocolate/strawberry/vanilla shake. Instant Neapolitan. Thank us later.


Image: via Eat Me Daily

This is a self-assembly job – and certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s a “re-imagining” of classic McDonald’s offerings. Listen, essentially you put a McChicken inside a double cheeseburger. And eat it.

Land, Sea and Air Burger

Image: via Hack The Menu

If you thought the McGangBang was an intense meat sensation, then you’re really going to love the Land, Sea and Air Burger. Order a Big Mac, a Filet O’ Fish and a McChicken. Ignore the incredulous stares from the cashier. Place the burgers inside each other, with as many buns as you’re comfortable with. Get to grips with your Coke – this baby is gonna take some washing down.

Go ahead. Stick some fries in there while you’re at it. Cos you’re worth it.

Apple Pie McFlurry

Image: via Likes

The perfect mix of warm and cold, sweet and … um, even sweeter. Ask nicely the next time you’re at your local Mickey D’s and the good staff there might be sound enough to blend a plain McFlurry with a classic Apple Pie. Sheer, unadulterated, pig-out dessert decadence.


Image: via McDonalds Secret Menu

This is a truly special and ingenious trick. Go to McDonald’s just as the menu is switching over from breakfast to lunch. That marvelous few-minute window is your chink of light.

Act fast and order a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin. Combine to two to your liking. Serve, relax and enjoy your day. Blows fancy brunches right out of the water.

Grilled Cheese

Image: via Hack The Menu

After all of the above quadrupled medley action, you might be off your meat for a little while. Fear not. McDonald’s will provide. You can ask for a “grilled cheese” – just the buns and the melted cheese, grilled up for you nicely. Proving that even vegetarians can hack the menu.


Image: via Likes

We all know about the wondrous month of the year when McDonald’s graces us with a mint milkshake in honour of St Patrick. BUT THERE’S MORE. Hack that mint milkshake by asking for it to be blended with a chocolate milkshake – giving you a mint choc chip delight termed “the McLeprechaun”.

Unfortunate national stereotypes aside, we can’t argue with the mint/chocolate taste sensation.

Do you customise your fast food? Let us know of any combinations and hacks in the comments. Stay classy.

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