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double down dog

KFC is now selling a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken

That’s a hot dog with fried chicken instead of a bun, just to be entirely clear.

HOLD ON TO your arteries.

In the grand tradition of its Double Down burger (that’s a burger with two hunks of fried chicken instead of a bun) KFC has released the limited edition Double Down Dog.

Not a yoga position, but a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken.

What-is-the-KFC-Double-Down-Dog-and-How-Do-I-Get-One WhenInManila WhenInManila

It looks almost edible in that promotional photo above, but check out this real-life photo that’s doing the rounds on Twitter:


Fortunately, this delicacy is only available in the Philippines at the moment. Let it stay there.

H/T Jezebel

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