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11 times kids proved they were actual geniuses

Kid logic can be devastating.

IT’S BACK TO school time, and we would all do well to remember that those little people can be miniature geniuses. And the proof is out there:

1. This chancer who will definitely go far

football Source: Imgur

2. You just try and say this is incorrect

false Source: Imgur

3. They know how to get the job done

baby gif Source: Googleusercontent

4. Hard maths

sixe Source: Imgur

5. You’ll have to hold your hands up sometimes

babysat Source: Imgur

I babysat a nine year old girl who poured milk on her cat.. When I asked why she said, “he’s thirsty and likes to lick himself.” I couldn’t argue with that.

6. When you should have changed the font in the word bank

redditwordbank Source: Imgur

This kid might have chose the wrong one, but it was a legit option.

7. Technically, this is flawless

tenwords Source: Imgur

8. And this wonderful answer proves they can think outside the box

gym Source: Reddit

9. The spelling might be off here, but it’s still genius

bacon222 Source: Imgur

10. When you don’t know, fall back on a song you heard

babay222 Source: Imgur

11. And finally… knowing when something is beyond you

bigger Source: TwentyTwoWords

Kid logic. It makes sense a lot of the time.

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