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The 9 types of angry Amazon review about Kim Kardashian's selfie book
Some people are not happy.

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WITH KIM KARDASHIAN’S selfie book out, it was never going to be long before the internet gave its verdict.

So, the official reviewers had their say, but now it was the turn of the people on Amazon – and many of them went through some serious emotions:

1. Pain when you realise it’s not a memoir

We don’t know what Tz7568 was expecting when they purchased the book:

What a waste of money. Clearly not intelligent enough to write a true memoir. Returning.

2. Emotions over the poor manufacturing quality

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The purest form of rage – hating on the binding, and the image above is the proof:

I love Keeks as much as the next fan, but this book is so poorly done. The photos that spread across two pages are so warped by the binding of the book that they look ridiculous. The photographs are the whole point and half of them are ruined by this layout.

3. Lamenting the waste of trees

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Cherry goes on to say:

The next time society makes some rando famous, can they have some sort of talent? How about a skill or invention that actually makes the world better? We need to stop glorifying people who have the intellectual depth of a shot glass. She can take selfies. That makes her exactly like the rest of the western world. Now can she take a selfie that makes people care about things like equal pay, child marriage, or how we’re down to about 3 rhinos?

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4. Straight up disgusted


WOW…What a turn-off. I always knew Kim was vain, but this is just…disgusting. How can anyone be so blatantly VAIN?!?

5. The need to throw shade at Kim

Lovejoy is not impressed:

Horrible, by a horrible person. One of the worst books ever published.

No holding back.

6. Angry literary criticism

amazon4 amazon amazon

Surrounded didn’t get the memo about it being a book of selfies:

No blondes, no old people, and no men – eventually my attention wandered and all of them started to look like the same person. If Ms. Kardashian was trying to exhaust the viewer’s interest in this particular type, she succeeded. I hope in future collections, she branches out and photographs different kinds of people.

This might not happen.

7. Bitterly thinking up inventive ways to give the gift to somebody you hate

amazon5 Amazon Amazon

Is this a thing?

Only buy for a gag gift for a gift exchange!! Perfect for the “you got screwed with the worst gift” moment!

amazon7 Aamzon Aamzon

8. Pitying the uneducated people who would buy it

A bold bid for Amazon popularity by Chelsea:

Who’d want to buy a book full of pictures and no real literature? Only a true uneducated specimen.

9. And finally, resignation that typing out an Amazon review will do nothing

amazon6 Amazon Amazon

Keep up the good fight, guys. We believe in you.

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