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11 people who don't seem happy about the Kim and Kanye baby

Calm down lads.

YOU MAY HAVE heard that Kim Kardashian just had her baby.

It’s a big story in showbiz land and given that Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West are endlessly discussed Twitter was full of comments about the child.

Some people just seemed to missing the point and were being a bit grumpy about the whole thing.

1. The sarcastic emoticon user

There’s always one

2. The person who is making it all about them

3.  Somebody who is not impressed with Kim as a mother at all.

This is a bit harsh

4. An over the top approach to the whole thing

5. The people with a rather mean thought about the baby

6. Ah lads, would ya stop

7. The person sighing a sigh of rather mean relief

8. Former day-time talk show host going for a joke

9. There was a lot of  ”what the baby looks like” jokes, such as this:

10. The person having a crisis of confidence:

11. The rather rude sceptic

They seem “!!HIGHLY!!” harsh

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