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Kim Kardashian's new app has a knicker-dropping emoji... It's The Dredge

Duuuuurt alert.

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt from the top to the very bottom.

Kim Kardashian’s emoji app KIMOJI is back online after causing the internet to go into meltdown yesterday. (Daily Mail)

The emojis are… eh… super classy. Can’t wait to accidentally send a few to our mams and the end of a text about getting enough sausagemeat for the sausagemeat stuffing.

pants Kim Kardashian on Instagram Kim Kardashian on Instagram

arse Kim Kardashian on Instragram Kim Kardashian on Instragram

So, Nicholas Cage has been busy…

cage2 The Guardian The Guardian

Yep, Cage is doing the world of palaeontology a solid and turning over a $276k Tyrannosauras skull he bought at a gallery in LA in 2007.

Mongolian authorities filed a complaint last week for the return of the skull, but say Cage is not in any trouble. He only learned last year that it had been stolen.

Life, finds a way.

Nicki Minaj performed in Angola and is getting some heat for it.

Minaj was asked to perform at the Coqueiros Stadium in Angola and took pictures with Isabella dos Santos, the president’s daughter, who is also head of telecommunications company Unitel, who sponsored the show. (Buzzfeed)

Minaj was urged by the Human Rights Foundation to cancel the show, citing human rights abuses. (BBC)

And the rest of the day’s celeb duuuurt…

  • Zayn‘s ex Perrie is taking his new relationship with Gigi Hadid well, by “flaunting her incredible abs“ (Daily Mail
  • Cilla Black was “laughing at Jeremy Kyle just before she died” (3am)
  • Domhnall Gleeson wants everyone to call him ‘General’ (USA Today)
  • Scott Disick continues to disappoint us by being friends with Chris Brown (Just Jared)

Domhnall Gleeson pulled off the smoothest of all fistbumps

Kim Kardashian ate her own placenta, and the internet is freaking out