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Kim Kardashian is giving a talk on 'female objectification', and people are taking the mick

Kim Kardashian: Reality star. Bum-haver. Gender Studies lecturer.

KIM KARDASHIAN, the reality TV star, bum-bearer, and prolific selfie-taker, is giving a ‘lecture/seminar’ in California later this month.

“What has she got to be lecturing about?” we hear you cry.

People-Kardashian-Today Source: Associated Press

Well, according to Dazed & Confused, Kardashian will be speaking about her family, “the business of millennial culture”, and the objectification of women.

Tickets cost from $40 to $300 – and shockingly, the $300 tickets are already sold out.

Despite this seeming vote of confidence, people CANNOT get their head around the ‘irony’ of the last topic. And they’re making it well known.

People-Kim Kardashian Source: Associated Press

But before you jump on the bandwagon, consider the other side of the argument:

We’ll wait and see what Kimmy has to say before we judge. We might all be surprised…

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