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UK police discover drugs concealed in Kinder Egg capsules

A police spokesperson said they were “disappointed” to not find a toy instead.

Image: Facebook/Greater Manchester Police

POLICE IN THE UK got a different kind of Kinder Surprise upon discovering two small Kinder Egg capsules left lying in a Manchester street.

The police who picked up the orange capsules were shocked to discover that they didn’t contain a tiny kids’ toy, but instead held stashes of drugs.

The tiny plastic shells contained 20 small bags of heroin and more than 20 rocks of what police believe to be crack cocaine.

A spokesman for the Greater Manchester Police told the Manchester Evening News that two officers on patrol found the items:

[They found] two Kinder Egg plastic inserts which usually contain a toy.
A quantity of what we believe to be Class A drugs was recovered, and we are now looking for their owner.

The spokesman told the BBC that it was a “disappointment” that the Kinder Egg capsules had not contained a toy. We guess you’re never too old for a Kinder Surprise.

The Greater Manchester Police are now looking for the owners of the capsules, posting this cheery message on Facebook:

Have you or someone you know lost your/their drugs? If so, give us a call or pop into the station for a quick chat.

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