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11 unnecessarily steamy NSFW moments from Kylie's new video

And you thought the gold hot pants were scandalous?

KYLIE MINOGUE HAS released a new music video and it’s safe to say she’s giving Beyonce a run for her money in the fierce filthy stakes.

Sexercize sees the Aussie pop legend strutting her quite frankly fabulous stuff with a whole host of dancers, but we couldn’t help but notice that it’s a bit, well, bonkers.

In every sense of the word. Watch it and you’ll see.

Source: Kylie Minogue/YouTube

Meanwhile, here are just 11 unnecessarily steamy Sexercize moments:

We open with unnecessarily steamy shots of sweaty skin

 Which is followed by steamy lunges in the school hall

The inexplicable violation of changing room apparatus

And some seriously steamy frolicking on fit balls

Suggestive spinning around in the vicinity of a pommel horse follows soon after

Before a bit of twerking out on those poor fit balls

And shots of someone having far too much fun in what appears to be a flesh-coloured morph suit

There’s more suggestive fit ball fun

Then Kylie cracks out the flesh coloured garb herself

Things get very hands on

And Ms Minogue gets up close and personal, especially for you

Was there NOTHING to be said for another pair of gold hotpants instead, no?

Source: Tumblr

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