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This One Direction election ad sparked an absolute holy show on Twitter

Labour, it’s time to log off.

THE LABOUR PARTY has launched its general election campaign in earnest with this puzzling attack ad in today’s newspapers:

IMG_7055 Source: DailyEdge.ie

Lots of things to discuss here – Gerry Adams’ duck tattoo, Shane Ross’ glove, the jeans (dear God, the jeans) – but there’s one glaring issue: One Direction is a four piece, and has been for the past year.

Naturally, people picked up on this…

…And one of those people happened to be Lucinda Creighton of Renua, who is grimacing between Gerry Adams and Paul Murphy in the ad.

The Labour Party so out of touch they don’t even know there are only four members of One Direction.

lucinda Source: Twitter/@LCreighton

Labour, obviously, couldn’t just let that lie.

labourparty3 Source: Twitter/@labour

This is a pretty good burn until you consider that Zayn’s solo effort is one of the biggest songs in the world right now. Is that the parallel they really wanted to draw?

Then Labour’s Kevin Humphreys jumped in.

kevinhumphreys Source: Twitter/@KHumphreysTD

Guys. Please:

STOP_sign Source: Wikimedia

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