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A lad chatted to girls on Tinder using only Wayne Rooney tweets... and it didn't go so well

“Mate mate mate mate mate.”

CONVERSATIONS ON TINDER can be fairly dull — a neverending stream of “How are you?” and “So, what do you do with yourself?”

This lad decided to spice things up and communicate with people using only Wayne Rooney tweets.

Twitter user @Billie_T shared screenshots of his Rooney-inspired conversations and they’re pretty glorious.

Seriously, Wayne Rooney’s tweets are poetry.

“Mate mate mate mate mate.”

CSVzkYQWUAAPJQp Source: Billie/Twitter

Although they’re not exactly conducive to starting or maintaining a conversation.

CSVzkkXXAAA8333 Source: Billie/Twitter

Spare a thought for the gals talking to this lad.

CSVzk5KXIAAVBVc Source: Billie/Twitter

After all, Tinder conversations shouldn’t have this many twists and turns.

CSVzlFHWIAE92uk Source: Billie/Twitter

Unfortunately, he didn’t quote the greatest Wayne Rooney tweet of all time…

AKA when Wayne Rooney threatened to put himself asleep.


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