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Hotel valet tries to park Lamborghini, drives it into a wall by accident

Oh dear.

A VALET CAUSED a reported €257,000 (20 million rupees) worth of damage after he crashed a Lamborghini Gallardo into a wall outside a very fancy hotel in the Indian capital of Delhi.

CCTV footage from the incident shows the valet bringing the car to the porch of the five-star hotel, before inexplicably lurching forward into a wall.

Car lovers might find the following images of a wrecked Lambo distressing.

According to Al Arabiya News, the man who was picking up the car didn’t actually own it – he’d borrowed it from a friend. NIGHTMARE.

The driver has filed a police case against the hotel, which has refused to accept responsibility, as has the valet.

We wouldn’t want to be that guy. There there, mate.

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