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The new 'Normal Barbie' has spots, freckles, and tattoos

Designer Nickolay Lamm has created stickers that give the dolls a “realistic makeover”.

BARBIE, WATCH OUT – Lammily is about to take your fashion doll throne.

Designer Nickolay Lamm created the now well-known ‘normal’ Barbie, with proportions similar to the average 19-year-old woman. He called the doll ‘Lammily’, drawing inspiration from his own name.

Barbie-2-761x1024 Source: Nickolay Lamm

Now, Lamm has created a new accessory for the Lammily dolls – stickers that give them ‘real’ attributes like spots, tattoos, cellulite and stretch marks.

lammily2 Source: Lammily

lammily3 Source: Lammily

According to Buzzfeed, Lamm wanted to give the dolls a “realistic makeover” so they would better reflect what happens in girls’ lives.

“The ‘imperfect’ nature of it isn’t an issue. I feel it makes the doll more relatable,” he said.

He showed the dolls to children, and filmed their reactions – which were overwhelmingly positive.

Source: Nickolay Lamm/YouTube

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