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The Late Late Show tried to 'decode Snapchat' last night and nobody was impressed

Model Holly Carpenter was brought on to discuss how girls use the app to – whisper it – flirt.

THE LATE LATE Show isn’t really known for being ‘down with the kids’, but last night it attempted to appeal to a younger demographic with a segment about Snapchat.

“Snapchat, on the Late Late?” we hear you cry.

hollycarpenter Source: RTÉ Player

It’s true – former Miss Ireland and blogger Holly Carpenter was brought on to explain the app to the people of Ireland but more specifically, to ‘decode’ the way girls use it to flirt.

Tubs held blown-up Snapchat screengrabs, and Carpenter explained their true meaning to the audience. For example, this photo of a group of ‘single gals’:

singlegirls Source: RTÉ Player

…Is actually a hint that the sender is newly single.

singlegirls2 Source: RTÉ Player

And this seemingly innocuous picture of Carpenter with a puppy?

puppys Source: RTÉ Player

It’s actually not about the puppy at all!

puppy2 Source: RTÉ Player

(If your curiosity is piqued, Holly decodes more Snapchats on her blog.)

Enlightening stuff, right? Unfortunately, Late Late viewers didn’t think so.

People more au fait with Snapchat were left thinking “Yeah, duh”:

While others just couldn’t make head nor tail of it:

What we have here is a rare case of getting too ‘down with the kids’. Retreat, Late Late! Retreat!

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