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8 things the new Late Late set looks like, according to Twitter

We’re a very critical bunch, aren’t we?

SPOT ANYTHING DIFFERENT about the Late Late Show tonight?

To start off the new year, it has a new set as well as brand new opening titles – which look a bit like this:

Source: Valerie Loftus/Vine

Did you catch the owl? He’s flying over the moon, in silhouette:


The people of Twitter naturally had lots of opinions on the new set. Lots of very weird opinions.

Here’s eight things they thought the set looked like:

1. The Jerry Springer Show

2. The Rovers’ Return

3. The old Tubridy Tonight set, brought out from storage

Excellent point about the brown leather couches.

4. The set of ’90s teen show Jo Maxi

5. Central Perk

6. American

Not anything American in particular. Just ‘American’.

7. Poo

8. Thai food

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