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10 most awkward moments from last night's Late Late Show interview

Ryan Tubridy, outfits and horse racing don’t mix.

SKY SPORT PRESENTER Rachel Wyse appeared on The Late Late Show last night, straight from Cheltenham.

What followed was the definition of awkward.

1. “Boodles kitted me out for the week, and for tonight”

Awkward product placement is awkward.


2. “And why did you choose her? I mean, no offence to her…”

Ryan did not seem overly impressed with the winner of Best Dressed Lady at Cheltenham, chose by Wyse.


It went on:

Ryan: So what is she wearing?
Rachel: She’s wearing a hat and…
Ryan: Well thanks for that Rachel. It’s that sort of education I need in my life.

3. And it didn’t stop there…



4. Ryan’s side eye during the donkey story

We saw it. Did you see it?




5. This exchange

Ryan: You ended up in London with Sky
Rachel: Sky Sports
Ryan: Sky Sports. Very important to get the sports bit into it.
Rachel: Sky Sports News.
Ryan: Sky Sports News. Does this keep going or are we done?
Rachel: That’s it.

6. THIS exchange







7. “You did didn’t you? You dug a bigger hole for yourself”

Tubridy asked Wyse about a quote she gave to a newspaper the previous week in which she said:

I have yet to find a man to keep me in check.

She said that she had been trying to avoid a question about being single and got it horribly wrong.

Tubridy agreed. And went on to ask…

8. “What sort of guy will keep you in check do you think”

Awkward pause.


Rachel: I’ve yet to meet him.
Ryan: Good answer.

9. Not a horse racing fan


10. The outfit judging

Awkward. So awkward.

Ryan and Rachel moved through the audience judging the outfits of those who had made an effort to turn out in some Cheltenham style.

We think it’s safe to say that outfit judging is not something Tubridy holds in high esteem. Just a hunch.


All images via RTÉ Player. You can watch the interview from the 37 minute mark. 

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