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The Late Late Toy Show caused a big disruption to Ireland's porn watching

Some of us managed to put it away for a few hours, thank God.

IRISH PEOPLE brought a lot of traffic to Pornhub last year, but the website has revealed that there was one night where they put it aside in favour of more wholesome viewing.

pornhub-insights-2015-year-in-review-cover Pornhub Pornhub

The porn website has released its annual Insights report, and the results are, as always, illuminating.

The good people of the world watched 4,392,486,580 hours of porn – in Ireland, this averaged on about 161 pageviews per capita.

But where things get really interesting from Ireland’s point of view is where traffic dropped off.

The media event that most affected Pornhub traffic in 2015 was… The Late Late Toy Show.

6-pornhub-insights-2015-year-in-review-events-media Pornhub Pornhub

Yes, Pornhub saw a 16% drop-off in traffic from Ireland on November 27, the night of the Toy Show.

And it’s really only right, when you think about it. Dirty divils, one and all.

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