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Is latte art essential, or just hipster nonsense?

We can’t decide.

THIS VIDEO OF the perfect latte art tutorial is going viral today.

Of course, it’s a parody, and takes the mick out of the painstakingly long process of latte art, when the coffee drinker will probably just stir it up anyway.

Source: Remedy By Lonsdale Street Roasters/YouTube

But is it really that bad?

Some latte art can be quite amazing

JaRmztk Source: Imgur

It’s hypnotising to look at

LatteArtTraining2 Source: Googleusercontent

tumblr_mjgkiuTCQJ1s7mg7ko6_500 Source: Tumblr

Some people can’t live without it

While others think it’s a joke

LatteArt8 Source: Frsports-bucket-0001

So, is latte art a pretentious waste of time?

Poll Results:

Just give me coffee (669)
I love it (532)
Pretentious, unnecessary (417)
No, it's essential (67)

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