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Lawyer fined €850 for wearing these blue runners in court

“I am scented, shaved and fresh,” Catalin Dancu told listeners at a courthouse in Romania.

Image: AP Photo/ Alison Mutler

A LAWYER WAS fined €860 – the maximum penalty allowed – for turning up late at a court case in Romania wearing this pair of blue runners.

Defence lawyer Catalin Dancu was hit Tuesday with a penalty of 5,000 lei for flouting dress regulations and for delaying the trial of five Romanians accused of art theft.

Under his black robe, Dancu wore blue jeans and bright blue sneakers— triple-stripe models that he said cost €200.

Explaining that he had been delayed in another court, Dancu said:

I am scented, shaved and fresh.

He added: “I am going to contest this fine.”

Proceedings were adjourned after Dancu moved for the judge to be suspended in the case, which another court will rule on.

The five defendants are being tried for the theft of seven paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Monet, among others, which were stolen in October from Rotterdam’s Kunsthal gallery.

Dancu in all his finery Source: AP

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