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14 photos that will bring all lazy cooks extreme calm

Oh good God.

HEY, YOU’RE NOT the only lazy one.

1. This method of cooking mac n cheese is just bad

2. Nooo

3. Skype your food from the other room to keep an eye on it

Walking is overrated.

0tky0eb Source: Imgur

4. Why use bowls when you’ll have to clean up after yourself?

CQaweXtVEAAXpt8 Source: stanofselena

5. Well, even the tinfoil takes a bit of effort



7. Since you’re an adult and mammy won’t cut off the crust

CK4bPW-WEAAY3fM Source: Mr_Chuck_Dee

8. Just eat around any obstacle

9. No cutlery? No problem!

Bs1_muMCUAACpUz Source: rachkael

10. This heating resolve

11. And this

12. When those big plans go to waste

13. And you can’t face going to the fridge

14. This tea atrocity

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