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9 very lazy things you definitely do all the time

You’re probably going to skim this post, aren’t you? So lazy.

MOST OF THE TIME, when you weigh up the easy ways and the hard ways to get stuff done, the former wins out.

Putting on your comfiest clothes, curling up under the duvet and shovelling crisps into your mouth is sometimes so much easier than y’know, living life.

You should probably be ashamed of yourself for doing these things but come on – effort of that.

Ordering a takeaway in the middle of the day

ll-pizza Uproxx Uproxx

Because you really don’t want to put on clothes, leave your house and go to the shop. This can also lead to…

Going out in your pyjamas

1343943921375577_animate Cloudfront Cloudfront

Just to the corner shop. Two minutes. Not anywhere that requires a bus or long periods of walking.

Getting someone to fetch you things

64 Doggifpage Doggifpage

Things that are close to you. Like the TV remote on the other end of the couch, your phone on the bedside table, the last pizza slice from your 2pm takeaway.

Calling your housemate from another room

tumblr_mvklq8xNru1sqldt3o1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

It would be so much effort to get up and go downstairs to actually talk to them, so you may as well text/tweet/ring them instead.

Finding creative ways to avoid doing household tasks

dishes Flickr / crazyoctopus Flickr / crazyoctopus / crazyoctopus

Using alternative kitchenware/cutlery to get around the growing pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Stamping down the bin so that the next poor sod who has to put rubbish in it is FORCED to take it out. For shame.

Using your floor as a wardrobe

clothes on floor Flickr / azizax Flickr / azizax / azizax

So what if it looks messy. You know where everything is, and that’s all that matters.

Driving somewhere that is easily walkable

tumblr_mjgd6g9XtR1s4bsrdo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

Sure you have a car, you may as well use it to get to the Lidl down the street.

Feeling relieved when plans are cancelled

Oprah_relaxin Reactiongifs Reactiongifs

Now you have the chance to laze around at home, surfing the Internet in your PJs! Go you.

Staying in bed all weekend

funny-homer-homer-simpsons-lazy-the-simpsons-favim-com-415875 Wordpress Wordpress

You always say you’re going to go out and DO something at the weekend. But then you realise bed is good. Bed is very good.

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