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12 things you'll only get if you studied French in secondary school

Ou est la piscine?

IN HONOUR OF Bastille Day, here’s a tribute to all of those hours spent slaving over your Montage 4.

Things you’ll only get if you studied French…

Asking for directions to the train station


Giving directions Directions to the train station

Prenez la premier rue a gauche, et allez tout droit. Voila! La gare!

These directions can also be altered to direct someone to the piscine or the Centre George Pompidou.

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Devoting masses of time to learning about petit dejeuner

We know it’s the most important meal of the day and all, but what was the obsession with breakfast?


Devoting masses of time learning questions and answers about nonsensical things


How to write a letter to a French caravan park

Being sure to include several cheery salutations to your French pen pal. 


Everyone in France is called ‘Sylvie’

Well, if the Junior and Leaving cert aural tapes are to be believed…


This is how a French oral exam feels


Saying “bof” or “comme ci comme ca” can get you out of almost anything

You’ll come across as aloof and nonchalant. So French.


The torture of ‘la’ or ‘le’?


The torture of ‘au’ or du’?

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How to have a very detailed 15 minute conversation about ONE specific thing in French

Woe betide any oral examiner who might try to deviate from that topic, be it your grandmother’s cat or your favourite episode of My So-Called Life.

The response to “ca va” is always…

Oui, ca va!

Followed by an awkward silence. Because you don’t know any more French.

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