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6 things everyone remembers from Geography in secondary school

Karst landscapes forever.

JUNIOR AND LEAVING Cert geography students are entering the death grip of their papers this morning.

Amid the cries for help:

… the warnings:

… and the feverish praying that the right biomes questions are going to come up:

…we know in our hearts that in years to come these students will look back fondly on their time with their geography books, and keep these nuggets of information with them for life:

1. Settlement patterns

Nuclear, lineated, dispersed. The holy trinity.


And you can probably tell us the reasons for those patterns too, all while measuring the length of a road using a piece of paper, a pencil, and an ordnance survey map.

2. Interlocking spurs

That river erosion, eh? And don’t get us started on ox bow lakes.

Interlocking_spurs_oxendale_lake_district Source: Wikimedia

3. Karst landscapes

Oh yes my friends, you know your clints from your grikes.. Limestone is your homeboy and you don’t even have to think twice about which way a stalagmite grows.


4. Sedimentary rocks

Sedimentary was the easiest one to remember because the clue is right there in the name. Bits of stuff come together to form bigger bits of stuff… just like our old friend limestone.

Igneous and metamorphic we’re not so clear on, but we know a piece of granite when we see one.

16633 Source: Memeshare

5. Plate Tectonics

When plate tectonics came into your life, suddenly the game The Floor is Lava took on a whole new meaning. The floor really is lava.

And how about that Mid Atlantic Ridge? It’s no Pacific Ring of Fire, we’ll tell you that much.

Mantle convection animation cont.

6. The economic processes of a Nordic country

Norwegian leather industry, Finnish telecommunications,  Denmark’s oil fields… we’ve got these covered.

13784336 Source: Memegenerator

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