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12 memories you'll only have if you studied Leaving Cert Geography

Damn. That Karst landscape.

1. You chose Geography despite not being 100% sure which counties bordered your own county

map of ireland Source: Wikimedia

Sure we’re you there to find out? You’d pick it up as you went along.

2. You soon realised that the course was about ten miles long and incredibly boring

horizons Source: Adverts.ie

More learning than anyone could reasonably be comfortable with. Less learning, please!

3. You had a favourite cloud formation

Cirrus_clouds2 Source: Wikimedia

Maybe you still have one. Oh beautiful cirrus clouds, how we love you!

4. And a head full of Single Relevant Points

Prepare your marking pen, examiner, because I’m about to spit straight fire in this essay right here.

5. You were no artist, but you could draw a mean map

And a lovely legend to go along with it, of course.

6. And there was no one more knowledgeable about river erosion than you

The view over #pdx #portland #oregon #nature #river #oxbowlake

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Oh man, those interlocking spurs. And don’t you just love an oxbow lake?

7. You definitely mortified yourself on a field trip investigation

CTsb8NPWsAARprC Source: Twitter/@RiversdaleCC

Maybe you stood knee-deep in a river with a ranging pole. Maybe you threw oranges and lemons into the sea to test how longshore drift works. Whatever it was, it was ridiculous.

8. You were proud of knowing a clint from a grike and which way a stalagmite went

This is always good #limestone #karst #clints #grikes #clintsandgrikes

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If only talk of Karst landscapes came up more often in adult conversation! How wonderful that would be!

9. But you’ve never talked more bullshit than you did in questions about population diversity and economic processes

Why is population diversity good? Er… More interesting surnames? Yes. The surnames.

10. Eventually you came to like Geography. Maybe you were even good at it

You felt extremely capable when you were discussing the ins and outs of plate tectonics. This was knowledge you could use!

11. It all came crashing down when you Geography and Maths Paper 1 were on the same day



12. But you know deep in your heart that you could still spot a sedimentary rock from a mile away

All those facts still tucked up in your brain! You’d bring a tear of pride to a Geography teacher’s eye.

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