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11 ways studying Leaving Cert Irish scarred us all for life

Why’d you have to be in Cáca Milis, Brendan Gleeson? Why?

1. It was split into three parts of equal horror

The aural (argh!), the oral (nooo!) and the bloody written paper (*mangled screams*).

2. We were forced to dwell in doom and gloom for two valuable years of our young lives

Problems facing young people. Drugs. The economy. The government. All things you were encouraged to form opinions on, as Gaeilge.

Why couldn’t we have written essays about the best things to get at the chipper, or holidays? WHY?

3. Half the poems on the syllabus were disturbing

There’s An Gealt, a light-hearted poem about a person with a serious mental illness, for starters.

4. We can never look at Brendan Gleeson the same way after Cáca Milis

cacamilis Source: YouTube

She murdered him! In cold blood! For eating cake!

5. And then there’s An Triail

antriail Source: Johnsbookshop

A play in which a young woman gets pregnant, cast out by everyone who knows her, then dies because why the hell not? It’s the Leaving Cert, may as well go all in.

6. We’re still trying to make sense of seanfhocail, years later

Ní dhéanfaidh an saol capall rása d’asal. (The world would not make a donkey a racehorse.)

giphy Source: Giphy

Um, K.

7. And finally questioning the phrases that were drilled into us for so long

maxresdefault Source: YouTube

Why did everyone do things ‘ar nós na gaoithe’ (at the speed of the wind)? And why were we always ‘ar muin na muice’ (on the pig’s back), and not just happy?

8. Dreams of the Irish oral will haunt us for the rest of our days

What did you do this time? Sleep through it? Tell the examiner they were ‘an-ghnéasach ar fad’?

9. A simple beep is now the most sinister sound in the world

Dishwasher: Boooooop


catscare Source: tenor.co

10. This sentence will live on in our minds forever

At least we will always know when to read our exam papers carefully. That will never be lost on us.

11. And we will never hear a Donegal accent without cold panic setting in

Source: Viral Videos/YouTube

This is just unfair to Donegal people. They didn’t ask for it!

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