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Some hero invaded the stage on the X Factor last night

Stereo Kicks briefly became a nine-piece, and it was wonderful.

SECURITY AT THE X Factor must be incredibly easy to penetrate. Remember Calvin Harris running up on to the stage during an early Jedward performance with a pineapple on his head? And now, this.

During eight-piece Frankenboyband Stereo Kicks’ performance of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone last night, a mystery man appeared from the dry ice-fog with a microphone, miming along with them.

The incident happens around one minute in:

Source: Mark Bridgers/YouTube

This is the moment the boys copped on to what was happening, all the while trying to stay professional and charming.


He was quickly carted off by security – but not before Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh got into a right flap from their seats at the judges’ table.

Louis even tried to get a dig in, despite being miles away:

The ‘imposter’ has been revealed as comedian Lee Nelson, who later tweeted: “There are so many of them, I thought anyone could have a go. Really hope the boys keep me on. #LeeNelsonForStereoKicks”

Well, it certainly livened things up a bit. #LeeNelsonForStereoKicks

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