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get off my lawn

This lad caught kids climbing on a roof in Letterkenny, so he chased them with a drone

The kids are CONVINCED they’re in big trouble. Bless.

STEPHEN COYLE FILMS beautiful footage of Ireland from above with a drone – during one such filming, the drone hovered over a bunch of kids climbing the roof of a school in Letterkenny.

“Clearly, the sound of the quad got to them,” he wrote.

Thinking they were in for it, the kids scarpered:

drone running

Could this be a whole new way of getting those meddling kids off your lawn? Perhaps.

The resulting Mission Impossible-style footage is going viral:

Stephen Coyle / YouTube

“By total coincidence, the kids did end up running/cycling towards where I was standing a little while after that, and once they realised it was me they immediately asked me to put it up on YouTube,” Coyle said.

Kids these days, eh?

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