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Is Liam Gallagher's arse really better than Beyoncé's?
We just don’t know how you’re going to win this one Liam.

SHE IS THE queen of being bootylicious (she did invent the word after all) but it looks Beyoncé might have some competition in the bum stakes.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Beady Eye frontman and former Oasis star Liam Gallagher claims that his bum is more impressive then Beyoncé’s.

When asked about how the band might give Beyoncé some competition when they both perform at V Festival, Liam asserts that his arse is more impressive and hops up to show everyone.

via Digital Spy

We’re just relived that he didn’t pull down his trousers to be honest.

And while Liam may have been having a laugh we’re wondering how Beyoncé might react if she heard about this news.

First she’d hear about it and be like “Realllllly? Are you sure?”

Matt Slocum/AP/Press Association Images

Then she’d be all “OH! So… you’re serious?!”

Charles Rex Arbogast/AP/Press Association Images

Then she’d actually see Liam’s own “bootylicious” arse

Simon Meaker/EMPICS Entertainment

And she would be disgusted

MARK J. TERRILL/AP/Press Association Images

And she’d had to give Liam a piece of her mind

Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Are we missing something?

We’re just not sure Liam will ever win this battle.

Like, in fairness you could have this:

via Digital Spy

Or this:

Party In The Park 2003 /Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment


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