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10 life skills technology has stolen from you

The question is, do we care?

THERE IS NO doubt that technology makes our lives easier in lots of ways.

With that, however, comes change.  Suddenly skills that were essential to life become less important, and as time passes we lose them entirely.

The question is, do we need them?  Here are ten life skills technology has stolen from us, and whether or not we actually need them.


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Autocorrect and text speak mean we’ve all gotten a little lax in the spelling stakes of late.

Although, these days, it seems to be only mams who are really using text speak, bless them.

Do we need this skill? YES. Aside from people who legitimately have difficulty with spelling, we’ll look like right lazy bones if we can’t even bother to get it together on this level.

Map reading

lostinwoods Source: Brainpickings

When is the last time you got out a map book and figured out your best route somewhere?

We’re willing to bet it’s been a while, after all, why would you when you can just plonk two locations into your phone and it will serve up your best option?

Do we need this skill? YES. What if your battery dies and you’re lost in the woods and a serial killer is chasing your car?  We better hold on to our maps.

Giving directions

Decided to take a trip and get directions of Google Maps. - Imgur Source: Imgur

You think you still possess these skills, but then someone stops you on the street and your can’t help them.

Your mind is filled with a muddle of Google Maps screens and suddenly you realise that you can’t even remember where you just came from.  Unless you have that little blue dot, you haven’t a notion.

Do we need this skill? Maybe… we should be able to help each other out but the truth is that it won’t be long ’til we all have access to maps on our devices no matter where we are.

Making phone calls


Unless you’re forced to make calls for work, you probably only really speak to your mam, your other half and your best mate on the phone.

Why would you bother with any other calls when you can do everything online?  This is fine, of course, until you have to make a phone call and are suddenly filled with anxiety.

Do we need this skill? Yes. While it’s good to have the option to keep things online, there’s nothing less attractive than someone who can’t ring a restaurant to book a table.

Ability to focus

What the hell happened to my attention span? - Imgur Source: Imgur

You know how you can’t watch TV without playing Candy Crush these days?  Or checking Facebook?  Or… what were we talking about?

Our attention spans are totally out of whack.

Do we need this? Yes.  But will we get it?  It may be too late for this one.


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We’ve all gotten reeeeeally lax about time keeping now that we can just send a text to say we’re running late.

Suddenly it’s ok to tell someone you’re not going to be somewhere until half an hour after the appointed time.  What’s that about?

Do we need it? Yes. Being late is not cool. Not cool at all.

Asking someone for their phone number


Once upon a time, if you were interested in someone romantically, you had to ask them for their number.  Otherwise you might never see them again.

Now, you can find them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in two minutes.

Do we need this skill? Probably not. This way you can scope out what they’re like before you make a move.

Doing nothing

My ragdoll kitten looking out my room window - Imgur Source: Imgur

Where once you might have looked out the window on the bus, or stood still in a queue?  We’d put money on the fact that it’s been a while.

Do we need this skill? Depends. Everyone needs a little peace from time to time, and for some people, peace exists somewhere on the internet.

Sticking to plans


Once upon a time if you made a plan you had to show up, otherwise the person would be standing there like a gombeen waiting for you.

These days you can cancel a plan twenty minutes beforehand by sending a text, and if the other person is annoyed you don’t even have to deal with it because they’ll probably have forgotten about it by the time you see them next.

Do we need this? Yes. Unless you like being Bailey McBailerson, as mentioned here.

Letter writing

large Niall, you're fooling no one.

Now unnecessary, time consuming, and expensive (the price of stamps these days!).

Why would you write a letter when an e-mail is free and instant?

Do we need it?  No.  But it’s hard to let it go when getting a nice letter in the post is such a thrill!

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