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Like a Virgin... like you've never heard it

Girl band hopefuls cover Madonna… Imagine her reaction.

YOU’LL REMEMBER LAST last week we told you about Simon Cowell’s online hunt for the next big thing, christened The You Generation. Legions of girl band hopefuls submitted videos online to be vetted by Little Mix.

Strangely, the competition attracted a huge amount of sibling entries – literally sisterhood in action. There were five songs to choose from, but the pick of the bunch did Madonna’s classic Like A Virgin. It got us thinking… What would the undisputed solo Queen of Pop make of it all?

The Crotty Sisters

Three sisters, all between the ages of 17 and 22,  from Australia.

We reckon Madonna would have found these girls a touch lacking in the style department. Where are the cone-shaped bras? It’s called fashion, ladies.

Image: via Justgraphicinterchange

Hollie, Laura, Amber and Amy

Two sets of sisters, all from Hampshire in the UK. We think the girls in the pink lipstick somewhat overshadow the quieter two sisters.

But what you do think, Madonna?

Image: via Madonna Scrapbook

Okay, sorry, let’s move on.


These three girls from America have got soul. They throw in a couple of James Brown style yelps and liven up the chorus. We like them.

What say you, Madonna?

Image: HellYeahMadonna

She would definitely approve.


These almost-identical bespectacled twins bring twee indie vocals to Like A Virgin. In fact, they’re so downright cute that it’s mildly creepy they’re singing this song at all.

These girls have a certain something. We think Ms Ciccone would definitely be into it. It doesn’t hurt that they look a little bit like Lourdes.

Image: via HeavyMetal MisterVince

Alright, calm down, Madonna.

Olivia and Alana Drake

These sisters from New Zealand added operatic touches, marred slightly by their staring-contest eyes fixed to the camera. We don’t actually think Madonna would like these girls – where’s the charisma?

And where’s the energy?

Image: via Amen Madonna

Madonna’s over it. Got that? Over it.

The Brossefinas

These Canadian gals are on a mission to enter every category in the You Generation competition. They state outright that they can’t sing, and tape their entire video while on a trampoline. They also obviously don’t know the words to the song.

You know what? It’s a ballsy move. Madonna would respect that. Isn’t that right, Madge?

Image: Sherylnn

Thanks, girl.

Want to get involved in the You Generation? Well, you have one more day to submit your girl band  here.

From this weekend, they’re hunting for a top stylist. If you think you have styling prowess that even Madonna might envy, check back here tomorrow. You never know, maybe one day you could be styling the cone-shaped bras…

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