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10 everyday signs that the world is conspiring against you

We just never learn.

LIFE’S SO HARD. These everyday traumas happen to you, and only you. You know it.

1. The spoon and the tap is a daily struggle

What looks like this…

3192182807_097d2cd131_z Flickr Flickr

Feels like this…

giphy Giphy Giphy

2. It takes three attempts to put in a USB cable

EVERY DAMN TIME. It was put here to push you to your limits.

keqvwNa Imgur Imgur

3. People walk the opposite direction to you

You can’t even walk right. Just give up.

kYBd6L6 Imgur Imgur

4. You constantly like something until you can no longer stand it

If it ain’t broke, wear it out until you break it.

MJl95EN Imgur Imgur

5. Blinds were designed with your downfall in mind

C’MON. As with the USB, it’s a 50 50 chance, learn what’s what. Still can’t? Bare windows it is.

W0Q0Izv Imgur Imgur

6. IE is always mysteriously installed on your computer

It’s a cursor magnet and will ruin your life.

n59KfJU Imgur Imgur

7. Glass ketchup jars will have their uprising

You knew what was coming. There’s no one to blame but yourself, and the evil conspirator out to get you.

z4xvf4h Imgur Imgur

8. Packaging is only on this earth to test you

Why. Why is it always just US?

aAj0xSj Imgur Imgur

We hate us too.

cRoDQSY Imgur Imgur


IZnWi Imgur Imgur

They will never be fresh again

plN9xpw Imgur Imgur

9. They didn’t make you READ that thing before you bought it

Beyond the wrong battery size or flour type. No no, why would you make products look so similar?

GdwekBy Imgur Imgur

E1kXhrc Imgur Imgur

10. The internet was created to destroy productivity and your personal growth

The ultimate innocent mistake. Sure, just checking ONE thing seemed realistic at the time.

wm7amoS Imgur Imgur

You had so much potential. So much.

uX0wNDR Imgur Imgur

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