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10 little problems every Irish emigrant will understand

That pale, sickly American butter. Pssh.

AS AN IRISH person abroad, you naturally miss your family, friends, and pets (and Tayto) heaps.

What you do learn, though, is that the little things you encounter every day can trip you up just as much as the big ones.

1. The milk situation

store3 Source: Cogeco

Hey, other countries! You do milk weird. It should not be bagged, for starters. Yes, we’re looking at you, CANADA.

2. The butter situation

Compare this picture of Kerrygold (top) with the US butter below.

031da47aa7b510c3_kerrygold-butter.preview Source: Popsugar

Why is it so PALE? Should I get salted or unsalted? Help me, Jesus.

3. And the bug situation

tumblr_mrnls1Sloy1r6e8n0o1_400 Source: Tumblr

The big winter spiders of Ireland are nothing to the big spiders that lurk abroad all year round. We’re learning that now.

4. Watching everybody’s nights out unfold on Facebook while you’re just getting up

511156 Source: Gr-assets

Have fun you guys! We’ll just sit here and watch. From miles and miles away.

5. Missing your local takeaway back home

3in1 Source: Yelp

Sure, there’s a Chinatown here, with authentic Chinese food… But we’re craving a dirty 3in1.

6. Finding a place that shows all the matches

Essential. That cover charge though :(

7. And rising at an unmerciful hour to do so

sloth-yawn-cute Source: Photobucket

This is true devotion to the Game.

8. The damned RTÉ Player going on the blink again


We just wanted to watch the Rose of Tralee. Boo.

9. Realising you’ve got to let go of some of your key phrases

In the US and Canada, they’ll wonder why you’re feeling ‘big’ or ‘impressive’ (you’re actually just feeling grand).

10. And the differences in the bank holidays

How you pretend to feel, when you’re working while everyone at home is off:


How you actually feel:

NotFair Source: BlogSpot

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