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8 insignificant things that will totally stress you out

Man, other people are annoying.

1. When someone keeps sniffing instead of blowing their nose


2. When someone keeps channel hopping

Flickr/Tilemahos Efthimiadis

3. Blister packs that are impossible to open

Without military-grade weaponry


4. Compulsive leg jigglers in your vicinity

Just ignore them. I CAN’T.


5. When you’re in a car

And someone doesn’t slow down at the EXACT moment you would.


6. The keypad noise


7. Being in a massive queue for the bus

And the person in front doesn’t have their change ready. As if they didn’t realise they were about to get on a bus.

Flickr/D464-Darren Hall

8. When someone else’s phone goes off… and it’s YOUR ALARM TONE

Flickr/twicepix; fear photo via Shutterstock

What did we miss? Let us know what grinds your gears…

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