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20 little things guaranteed to make you feel fancy as f**k

Luxury, glamour, class.

1. Peeling back the foil on a cold can of San Pellegrino

2. Getting offered an alcoholic drink in a hair salon. Don’t mind if I do!

3. Striding out of said hair salon with your shiny new do and thinking “Yes, everyone, look at me. For I am fabulous”

4. Going into Brown Thomas to use the bathroom

5. Actually purchasing something in Brown Thomas and swinging your little bag around like you’re the Queen of Sheba

6. Getting into a fancier-than-average taxi, like a BMW or Mercedes

7. Putting balsamic vinegar on something

8. Cracking open a €10+ bottle of wine

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9. Donning a fluffy hotel dressing gown after a luxuriously overlong hotel shower, then going down to your hotel breakfast

10. Paying with Contactless

11. Actually using the hand cream that accompanies the hand wash in a fancy toilet

12. Putting on your swish new winter coat for the first time

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13. Saying “Keep the change.” Yes, take all of that 20c

14. Whipping out your sunglasses while everyone else squints in the sun

15. Getting an upgrade on a hotel room. WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES

16. Ordering wine in a restaurant and having it brought out in an ice bucket

17. Being able to offer people travel tips. “Well, when I was in Berlin…”

18. Buying underwear in a shop that is not Penneys

19. Swanning over to your pre-booked seat on a busy train

20. Being called ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’. Oh stop it, you!

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