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A woman sat next to a couple breaking up on a plane and live-tweeted everything

Who breaks up with someone ON A PLANE?

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TECHNOLOGY HAS made breaking up with your other half even harder – all those reminders of what used to be, floating about the internet – and public breakups can become even more public, as we see now.

Twitter user Kelly Keegs was sitting on a delayed flight in Raleigh, North Carolina yesterday evening when she heard the couple next to her getting into a very public, very heated argument.

Having nothing better to do, Kelly live-tweeted the whole thing. And her tweets are now going viral.

First question: Who breaks up with someone ON A PLANE?!

Oh, this guy. This mean, mean guy.

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Things went quiet for a while, then the girl brought ‘Charlotte’ into play

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Then, in just a few minutes, things took a surprising turn

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We do not know (yet) whether the pair were happily back together by the end of their flight, but we do know that they desperately need to sort themselves out. In private.

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