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13 things only people who lived at home in college will understand

So many “When will you be home?” texts. So many.

1. For a start, you got about 50% of the typical ‘college experience’, but that was actually OK

No true independence, sure, but also no crazy roommates. No viewing increasingly bleak student flats. No friendship-destroying trips to IKEA.

2. On the other hand, living at home during college was a delicate balancing act

One side of you was a Madser Fresher Student. The other was a Respectful Son/Daughter. Keeping them both happy was a tall order.

3. Nights out meant legging it for the late bus and missing the craic…

You wouldn’t force that decision on anyone.

4. …Or sleeping on someone’s manky couch under a stinky blanket

There is no such thing as a nice rental couch. And even if it was OK at the start, the inhabitants ruined it.

5. And hiding hangovers from your parents was still very much a thing

giphy Source: Giphy

“Did you get home late last night?”
*stench of alcohol fills the room* “No, not at all. Tucked up in bed by 1am.”

6. You still got ‘What time will you be home?’ texts and calls. Regularly

Your style was well and truly cramped.

7. You couldn’t just skip an early lecture if you didn’t feel like going

http://mashable.com/wp-content/gallery/25-exhuastion-gifs-for-when-you-cant/little-mermaid-sleep Source: Mashable

Though you never told your parents your class schedule, they knew. And they weren’t about to let you lie on, hangover be damned.

8. So you did a lot of sitting around waiting for your friends to wake up

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The computer labs and random couches across campus? Those were your real friends. They never let you down.

9. The worst thing though? Going all the way in to discover a lecture had been cancelled

http://mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Jack-Nicholson Source: Mashable


10. You missed some of the student accommodation banter

The craic that was had sitting around in people’s bedrooms all day, heading on impromptu nights out, the grim aftermaths of college events… Oh well.

11. And you got a thirst for independence

queen_i_want_to_break_free Source: Pixbear

Stop asking me where I’m going tonight, Mam. LET ME BE FREE.

12. But you certainly weren’t objecting to the regular Mammy Dinners

No Koka Noodles for you!

13. And the comfort of the family pet/full fridge/house free of creeping damp

giphy Source: Giphy

And ultimately, that was A-OK with you. Homebirds fo’ life!

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